What makes beer historians angry

"As porters turned to pale ale, hops had to get better in quality and more focus went on their flavour. As bitters lost favour [sic] to lagers, fewer hops were needed and brewers moved away from Brish [sic] varieties and towards high alpha foreign hops." Once again, it’s a miracle how the author, in this case Mark Dredge, can fit so much bullshit into two sentences. The fact that he understands so little about the history of British beer styles doesn’t bode well for getting the history of British hops right.

The author of the article in question was named the British Guild of Beer Writers’ Beer and Food Writer of the Year in 2011. The author of this article has done a few notable historical beer collaborations with The Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project.

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7 thoughts on “What makes beer historians angry

  1. Hmmm, corrrect me if I’m inferring wrong, but the way that caption was written seems to be taking a bit of a jab at Ron Pattinson. He might not have been named the Beer and Food Writer of the Year in 2011, but the nature of his work doesn’t exactly lend itself to commercial success. He’s an extraordinary researcher of brewing records and excellent at contextualizing them. I don’t mind him pointing out errors, but such vitriol isn’t needed on his part.

  2. It’s just additional context. Don’t read too much into it. Pattinson is well-known for his work. So is Dredge. For one to call out the other in this fashion is something I don’t recall seeing between two U.S. beer writers before but perhaps my memory is short (only been at this five years now).

  3. You know what makes *me* angry? The fact that someone refers to themself as a ‘beer historian.’ I hope I fall on a knife later today.

  4. Perhaps US beer writers should take history a bit more seriously instead of just quoting each other all the time, and have some public disagreements here and there. I see it as totally legitimate to call poor research “bullshit”; perpetuating myths is lazy and not to the standard of a Beer and Food Writer of the Year.

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