What the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA label looked like twelve years ago

dogfish head 90 minute ipa original label

During a talk that Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione and a number of other brewers gave last year, he (or was it someone else?) recalled a story that took place years ago in which Calagione presented a bottle of his 90 Minute IPA to a couple other industry folks nearby. Only the label looked nothing like it does today. The label looked like the one you see above. As unsightly as the label appeared to the industry folks, they tried the beer and liked it. And so Dogfish Head made a small bit of progress that day on its way to becoming the large craft brewery that it is more than a decade later. Calagione has also become a bit more conservative with his label artwork, too…

6 thoughts on “What the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA label looked like twelve years ago

  1. Label was awesome. Beer in those 750’s was just as great. Now sadly, I think its a shell of it’s former life. Closest thing I found to resembling it was when they put out Squall.

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  3. The image of the man hammering a nail in his nose is called “Human Oddity” and is by world-renowned photographic artist, Joel-Peter Witkin. The reason this label design was short-lived has nothing to do with how the industry received it. It has everything to do with copyright law. JPW would never give permission for his art to be used in this way.

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