Black Star Co-Op earns LEED Gold rating, claims to be world’s first brewpub to do so

Black Star Co-Op logo(Austin, TX) – Black Star Co-Op reported on Facebook in early December that it became the first brewing company in the U.S. to receive LEED Gold certification, even claiming to be the “first brewpub IN THE WORLD to be L.E.E.D. certified.”

It’s official! Black Star Co-op is officially a LEED certified Building! We found out about our gold ranking this morning, and we’re all very excited. Thank you to all the members who contributed to the planning of our brewpub and to Karinne for all her hard work!

The company announced the news only to a select group of people, meaning that the post linked here can only be accessed directly. You won’t see it on the Facebook feed.

So under the radar was this news that Mother Earth Brewing Co. announced on Tuesday that it was the nation’s first brewery to earn LEED Gold certification. Mother Earth’s announcement points to U.S. Green Building Council officials informing them that they are the first brewery to earn the certification.

We have reached out to the USGBC for clarification though it looks like, for now, that Black Star is the first brewpub/brewery and Mother Earth is the first ‘production brewery’ (to earn gold).

Other U.S. breweries that have received LEED certification at lower levels include Brewery Vivant (Silver) and the brewery at UC Davis (Platinum). The brewery at UC Davis earned the highest certification yet for a brewery though it is not a commercial brewery.

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