Espresso Stone Imperial Russian Stout highlights next quarter’s bottle releases

dayman coffee ipa label stone two brothers(Escondido, CA) – Stone Brewing Co. hasn’t filled out its 2013 schedule of special releases so let’s help fill in the gaps, at least for the first quarter.

Enjoy By IPA: let’s get it out of the way that we have no info on the next release but, at the clip they are releasing these, one would think we’ll see another edition in the next few months.

Old Guardian Barley Wine and Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine Ale: February 25th (more info at these links)

Aleman / Two Brothers / Stone Dayman Coffee IPA: They actually brewed this beer on Thursday. Tentative street date is March 25th and this collaboration, unlike the others that came before it, will be released in 22 oz. bottles.

Stone Imperial Russian Stout: Tentatively April 15th

And the Odd Beers for Odd Years variation is…drumroll…keeping with the coffee theme…

Espresso Stone Imperial Russian Stout: April 15th

Quengenti Millilitre Series: No information on these at the moment.

Stay tuned for updates.

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