Futhermore Beer expands to Chicagoland, picks up contract with Milwaukee Brewing

furthermore beer logo(Chicago, IL) – Furthermore Beer announced this weekend that it is expanding distribution to Chicagoland and picking up a new contract partner. We have a request out for more info on wholesaler(s).

Holy Illinoly. We finally have a happy response to the Furthermore fans in Chicago-land who keep asking “When will I be able to get your beer without having to velcro-mount the I-Pass to the dash?”

The answer is a resounding “Wednesday!”

Because this is a proverbial small fish in a big pond scenario, we will be focusing mainly on Fatty Boombalatty and Knot Stock as our initial offerings–DRAFT ONLY. That’s right, we are taking heed of the slow and steady motto There will be a few kegs of Makeweight banging about in this first trip, and we’ll get some more varieties rotated through as we go, but we really want to make sure we can cover demand before we agree to run the full menu.

Join us for our launch party on Feb 13th at the High Dive, 1938 W Chicago Ave.

We would love to see you there. Obviously, if you are not in driving distance, we understand. Just send flowers.
And by all means pass the news on to your people in the area.

Lots of love,
Furthermore Beer

P.S. For those who may not have heard, Furthermore made a production shift in recent months. We are now employing the stainless steel capacity of a second facility, Milwaukee Brewing Company. It’s a very exciting move for us. We are still working with long time partner Sand Creek Brewing–in fact most varieties are still produced there, but we needed to make a volume jump in order to make this move to the Second City. So far, Fatty Boombalatty is the only beer we’ve made in Milwaukee, but the move will afford us the chance to add a new variety or two. We’ll keep you apprised of any additions to the line.

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