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4 thoughts on “How to “speed-chill” a beer can in five minutes with Alton Brown (video)

  1. You can chill a beer can so much faster and more simply. Take a bowl of ice and lay the can of beer sideways on it. Start spinning it on the ice. It’ll get easier as the ice starts to melt to the shape of the can. In about a minute you should have transferred heat from the can to the ice and you have a cold beer. Thermodynamics is your friend.

  2. @theotheragentm While Alton made it way more complex than he needed to the salt and submersion is important. Salt lowers the temperature of the ice and water below the temperature of plain ice water. Think ice cream.

    So to use thermodynamics as your best friend, use salt. Water does a much better job of transferring heat than air so submerging a can or bottle will maximize surface area transferring heat. Alton’s blender rapidly circulates the water and may quicken the process to shave off the maximum number of seconds.

    Salted ice water, in a bowl, stirring with a spoon (I usually just stir gently with the bottle), will be much faster than plain ice.

  3. Oh sure, as long as I have canning tongs, a blender, chopsticks, ice, kosher salt and two rubber bands available I can ice one can of beer cold enough to drink in about five minutes including prep. The convenience here is amazing.

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