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Modern Times Beer to be among first U.S. breweries to roast its own coffee

Here’s a cool thing: as far as I can tell, we’ll be the second brewery in the country to roast our own coffee (the first appears to be Two Brothers in Chicago). That little fire engine red machine is an Ambex YM-2, an introductory-level roaster than can handle a beastly 5 lbs of green coffee at a time.

More >> Modern Times Beer blog.



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4 thoughts on “Modern Times Beer to be among first U.S. breweries to roast its own coffee

  1. I think what Badnewsbears means is this: For not having any beers for public consumption…and for not having a tasting room or anything on tap locally…Modern Times does a whole lot of “talking”. What will the next press release say…”Modern Times is the first brewery to have a basketball court set up while under construction?” Maybe they should just shut-it for a little while…that guy Jacob from Modern Times acts like a miniature Greg Koch, yet hasn’t even opened his brewery. Being opinionated is awesome…my only suggestions is to hold all the bravado and talk until your beer is actually OUT.

  2. John, with all due respect, this seems totally off base.

    The only “opinionated” thing from Jacob so far is his post about not using finest, “all-natural ingredients.” Say what you will about bravado. He did introduce “cockstaggeringly” in the lexicon.

    He has been really open about the process of opening a brewery. Here, on Aleheads, on BeerSmith and elsewhere, including his own blog. We’ve picked up a bunch of those stories because they’re unique more than anything. He has only sent out one press release which was the unveiling of branding and cans. The post, after this one, notes how he is hiring industry veterans to run his brewery. That should be reassuring that this isn’t another Fumducker.


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