More on Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project’s expansion

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(Denver, CO) – The latest from Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project’s newsletter…

A few weeks ago we received 4 large oak foeders that have an individual capacity of roughly 60-hectoliters (1600 gallons), which brings our total to 8 oak foeders in the Barrel Cellar. Additionally, we acquired 38 Whiskey barrels at the end of 2012 from Leopold Bros Distillery. We are fortunate to have a fantastic Denver distillery in our backyard, and we believe that their Maryland-Style Rye, American Small Batch, Apple, and Peach Whiskey barrels will compliment our beers for many years to come.

Last year here at Crooked Stave we produced approximately 383 barrels of beer, and sold 183 of those barrels (1 barrel equals 31 gallons). In 2013 we will be on track to produce 3,000 barrels and sell around 2,000 barrels. Big things to come! At the moment we are still running our taproom and production at the Barrel Cellar in Northwest Denver. If you haven’t been by we encourage you to come in and enjoy a beer. We currently are rotating 4 different barrel aged wild beers and should have six on tap within a few weeks.

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