Perennial Artisan Ales announces plans to can beer, new BA beer coming

Perennial Artisan Ales

(St. Louis, MO) – Perennial Artisan Ales’ founder, Phil Wymore, shared some big news on the StewedSTL podcast earlier this week. If you missed it, check out this morning’s post on Wymore allowing one of his brewers to open a brewery under Perennial’s own roof.

The big news is that Perennial is working on financing for a canning line. There is no timetable for when this will happen but Wymore says the company plans to move its flagships away from bottles to cans. One-offs and limited releases will still be made available in bottles.

Wymore’s decision was informed, in large part, from his time with Half Acre in which he used to work on their canning line. He is a fan of the 4-pack, 16 oz. can format.

In other news, the company also plans to release another barrel-aged beer in bottles. It will be a Rye Whiskey Barrel-aged beer using coffee from local roaster, Sump. The base beer used to make the beer is the same as Abraxas.

Expect little fanfare around the release as it will be limited only at the brewery. A tweet will go out announcing its release and it will be a low bottle limit (tentatively two per person) and first-come, first-serve. Similar pricing to Barrel-Aged Abraxas. May have missed it but the name wasn’t revealed.

The company is expanding its barrel program and will pick up another 25 barrels in the next month to add to its stock of 80 or so.


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