Rhizing Bines from Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada ships, new IPA glass unveiled


(Milton, DE) – On Wednesday, Dogfish Head released a new video in which Co-Founder, Sam Calagione, talks with Sierra Nevada Brewing’s Brian Grossman, co-manager of the upcoming Mills River facility.

They discuss a little history between the two breweries, especially around their previous Life and Limb collaborations, though the majority of the video focuses on Rhizing Bines, the new collaboration beer that just started shipping to Dogfish Head’s wholesaler network. It is also available in the Dogfish Head tasting room and Rehoboth Beach brewpub as of Wednesday.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, check out the Rhizing Bines press release which contains a lot of the same information.

On Tuesday, Dogfish Head also unveiled its new glassware project with Sierra Nevada and Spiegalau that it claims sets the new standard for vessels out of which to drink IPAs.

Last but not least, Grossman says in the video above that Torpedo, introduced only a few years ago, is now the #1 selling IPA in America (still #2 to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale though). Update: guess this is old news (we posted news to this effect last year).

rhizing bines sierra nevada dogfish head label

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