Upland Lambics to be released on February 23rd

Upland Gilgamesh Epic Flanders Red Ale(Bloomington, IN) – Upland Brewing Co. recently announced some news on its blog regarding its series of Lambic-style beers. More below…

We’ve got three choices: Blackberry, Raspberry, and our award-winning Gilgamesh. They will be for sale on SATURDAY, February 23 at both the Bloomington Brew Pub (350 W 11th St) and Indianapolis Tasting Room (4842 N. College Ave) and is first come, first serve. No reservations (sorry…even if you’re coming from a far away land). Only one bottle per style with two bottles maximum may be purchased.

Bloomington will have 3 cases of Blackberry and Raspberry, and 2.5 cases of Gilgamesh. The Indianapolis Tasting Room will have 4 cases of Raspberry, and 2 cases each of Blackberry and Gilgamesh… just to give you an idea of how much we’ll have.

Fruited lambics are $20 per bottle and Gilgamesh is $25 per bottle.

Bloomington will begin selling the lambics when they open at 11am. The Indy Tasting Room will begin when they open at noon.

3 thoughts on “Upland Lambics to be released on February 23rd

  1. For the love of all things Holy, will American brewers stop using the term Lambic! Lambic comes from the Senne Valley in Belgium and are fermented in the open in coolships.

    A true lambic can only be served via a cask as well. 1900 from Cantillion is the closest ever out of a bottle.

    Anything from Upland does not have the pedigree or the commitment to the time honored process of a true lambic. This is misinformation and a terrible marketing stunt to sell ignorant consumers higher priced American wild ales that are not wild but innoculated with “wild” yeast in a controlled environment.

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