USGBC: several breweries including New Belgium going for LEED certification

usgbc logoAfter our short bit of research on LEED certification yesterday, we learned that companies can keep their LEED certification completely confidential if they wish. Why would they want to? Perhaps because a public certification reveals the full scorecard, showing where they hit…and missed.

Though Black Star Co-Op announced earning LEED Gold in early December, it only did so to a closed group of people and the company’s project is confidential. Because a representative with the USGBC could not disclose information about the project, we’ve reached out to Black Star Co-Op directly for some kind of validation. Mother Earth’s press release yesterday noted that a USGBC rep told them that they were the first U.S. brewery to earn LEED Gold certification on February 10th.

[UPDATE: Black Star sent us a screenshot of their UGBC plaque dated December 2012. Consider us appeased.]

We are aware of four U.S. breweries having received certification.

All of that aside, a USGBC rep tells BeerPulse that at least eight more breweries have registered with the USGBC. When asked if this meant that the breweries are actively going for LEED certification, the USGBC rep confirmed, “Exactly. These projects are in the pipeline.” Again, we say “at least” eight because others may seeking LEED certification under confidentiality. Regardless, here is the list we received…

New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, CO
Smuttynose Brewing in Hampton, NH
Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY
Catskill Brewing in Livingston Manor, NY
SpringLoaded Brewery in Sand Springs, OK
Grain Belt Brewery in Minneapolis
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Boulder, CO
Flathead Lake Brewing in Big Fork, MT

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