Will Ferrell has a minute-long makeout session in Old Milwaukee Super Bowl commercial


True to form for this year’s Super Bowl, Pabst Brewing Company released another random Old Milwaukee commercial in limited markets in which actor, Will Ferrell, does something zany. This time, we see a woman staring out of the window of a bus for ten seconds before she turns to her right and the camera pans over to Ferrell who is wearing some kind of 80s track runner tank top. They then make out for a minute, during which the camera pans to the front of the bus and we see a six-pack of Old Milwaukee Light sticking out of a man’s grocery bag.

The clip above aired in a rural part of Texas on a CBS affiliate, KXII. It is possible that the ad may have aired in other markets as well.

Pabst has earned some kudos among creatives for their unique viral video campaigns with Ferrell.


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