Greenbush, Ballast Point, Prairie among breweries coming soon to Chicago retailers

La Guillotine Belgian Golden Blond Ale(Chicago, IL) – The latest from the Binny’s Beverage newsletter….

Ballast Point
Fortunately the rumblings & rumors turned out to be true, as the official release date for Ballast Point at Chicago-land Binny’s locations is Wednesday, May 8. Currently Ballast Point beers are only available at our two downstate locations in Bloomington and Champaign. Get ready to experience one of the best IPA’s in the world, Sculpin, at a Binny’s near you. See the events section below for information on our Ballast Point release party at our South Loop tasting room.

Brewery Huyghe
Brewery Huyghe, famous for their pink elephant and Delirium branded beers, is planning on releasing a new beer in Chicago for the first time in what seems like forever (we have been selling Delirium Tremens, Nocturnum, and Noel for over 12 years, and haven’t seen anything new from Huyghe since then). The beer in question is La Guillotine, an 8.5% ABV Belgian golden ale that is most definitely worth a shot if you are a fan of Delirium Tremens or similar beers. We expect La Guillotine to be available at Binny’s in 2-3 weeks.

Prairie Artisan Ales
We just got word that Prairie Artisan Ales will be coming to Binny’s in the near future. Their beers should be available at most of our locations sooner rather than later, including our downstate locations (we don’t have hard release dates yet, but we will post on our blog when we do). This will be Binny’s first time offering a brewery from the state of Oklahoma. Prairie’s beers are highly rated on all the premier beer websites, and we are excited to offer them. Prairie does a lot of innovative and new stuff; in March alone they released four new beers.

Summer Seasonals
A plethora of summer seasonal beers never before available at Binny’s will be making their debut very soon. Leading the newcomer pack will be Kona Wailua Wheat, Deschutes Twilight, & Revolution Rosa. Some old favorites like Bell’s Oberon are already available, with more and more summer beers arriving every week from here on out.

Speaking of Deschutes, bottles of Inversion IPA are due to hit Binny’s in May. Inversion has one of the best aromas of any IPA out there, due to the usage of whole cone hops which can intensify both the fragrance and head of beers. Inversion can currently only be found on tap at some local watering holes around Chicago.

Greenbush Brewing Co.
Greenbush Packaged goods are set to hit our shelves sometime in April. Anyone who has visited Greenbush in Sawyer, Michigan knows how small the place is and how great their beer and grub is. We are lucky that a brewery with such a limited capacity is choosing us as the first market outside of Michigan to send their beer to!

Sprecher Hard Rootbeer
Hard Rootbeer from Sprecher Brewery in Wisconsin is due to debut in our stores sometime in mid-April. This is a fermented malt beverage, meaning it is pretty much beer, but it tastes just like root beer. The 5% ABV brew has a tinge on malt flavor on the finish; other than that it tastes just like soda. Initially this will be available in Cook County only.

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