Hill Farmstead Collected Works membership finds its way onto eBay

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(Greensboro, VT) – Last week, Hill Farmstead announced its new Collected Works membership program and started taking applications over a four-day span.

The application form is no longer available though a short essay was required as part of signup. The total cost was $350 for twelve bottles and entry into August’s Festival of Farmhouse Ales. On Tuesday, emails went out to those who were selected in the lottery/drawing. Those who weren’t…


One named Dan has been particularly vocal.

And a winner has already put up his/her bounty on eBay for double the price of the membership at $700. Hill has been a vocal opponent of beer sales on eBay. The website put a stop to alcohol sales last summer.

On the bright side, it looks like there may be hope in the fall for those looking for another crack at some Hill Farmstead beers.

Hill Farmstead was named #1 Brewery in the World by RateBeer last month.


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4 thoughts on “Hill Farmstead Collected Works membership finds its way onto eBay

  1. The particularly vocal link supposed to go to hillfarmstand’s tweet about hateful email?

  2. the more Shaun cries, the more he will be trolled. It’s a simple equation. The guy makes great beer..but he really needs to lose the diva complex.

  3. ah… it was also probably the fact I was on the mobile site and didn’t see the rest of the conversation. works fine on the desktop (or probably the twitter client if I had used it).

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