Magnolia Dogpatch’s new brewhouse scheduled to arrive in April

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Correction: a prior version of this article indicated that Craftwerk was formerly Newlands Systems though Craftwerk was only started by former Newlands workers. Newlands still operates.

(San Francisco, CA) – Last weekend, Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery founder, Dave McLean went onto The Brewing Network’s Sunday Session for the first time in seven years.

Magnolia has been around for more than fifteen years though McLean is now expanding operations from just a small brewpub to a full production facility in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco.

Magnolia is working with Michigan-based Craftwerk for the new brewhouse, set to arrive in about a month (30-40 days from when the episode aired on 3/10). The brewpub has been at 1,000-barrel capacity for years though the new brewery will give them an additional 5,000 barrels to work with (at first) per the Dogpatch Howler. The facility is expandable in the future should they ever need more than 10k square feet.

The 30-barrel brewhouse will be a two-vessel system (mash tun and brew kettle) expandable to four vessels (add lauter tun and whirlpool).

Magnolia will start with kegs and packaging will probably come a year out from opening.

Of the 10k square feet, 2,500 dedicated to a BBQ-focused restaurant.


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