The Samuel Adams Beers of Summer pack has arrived

samuel adams beers of summer variety pack(Boston, MA) – Based on public data, it looks like the new Samuel Adams Beers of Summer pack started hitting shelves in some markets as early as the weekend of March 9th.

The Boston Beer Company has been a central target of criticism from those against “seasonal creep” in which seasonals are first released a few months before their respective seasons are officially recognized on the calendar. Samuel Adams seasonal brands have traditionally been among the earliest to hit the market.

In any event, this year’s summer pack features: Summer Ale, Boston Lager, Porch Rocker (radler), Belgian Session, Little White Rye (all-new) and Blueberry Hill Lager (all-new).

Porch Rocker six-packs will arrive in late April/early May, per the brewery.

The forecast for Boston, where the company is headquartered, calls for snow accumulation of 1-3 inches between Monday night and Tuesday.

The earliest known summer offering that BeerPulse is aware of is Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy which rolled out in mid-February.

7 thoughts on “The Samuel Adams Beers of Summer pack has arrived

  1. At least this didn’t hit shelves as early as Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. It’s not even officially Spring yet, and depending on where you live, it certainly doesn’t feel like it!

  2. This is so ridiculous, we go through this all year long. Getting beers months before we even want them. All because the marketing nitwits at these breweries think that if theirs is first on the shelf, they will sell more product than the other brewers. Which has not been proven to be true.

  3. Oh we’re not getting 1-3 inches of snow here in Boston, we’re getting 4-8, what doesn’t spell Porch Rocker Shandy there

  4. None off this “seasonal creep” will ever end until three groups refuse to buy the product and Sam Adams and others are forced to eat their early releases. This is a chain reaction:
    Group one is you the consumer.
    Group two are the retailers.
    Group three are the wholesalers.

    But the sad truth is the general public and the “new craft beer enthusiast” will follow the lead of Sam Adams’ marketing and production schedules, simply because “it’s something new.” And until the public becomes educated enough to demand appropriate seasonal brews, their wallets will drive retailers, which in turn encourage wholesalers to order the beer early, and therefore the breweries responsible for this will never get the message.

    And from my own experience, I will tell you, that it is much like an arms race in that whoever gets their beer to market first wins. I.e. they sell more. It bogs down the retailers physical space and available funds to pick up other seasonal products.

    In the end, until we the consumers make a stand, this is only going to get worse.

    Are pumpkin beers out yet? Oh, mid-April. . Can’t wait.


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  6. Aparently I’m the only one that wants early seasonal beer releases. Don’t buy em if you don’t want them yet. There are still plenty of spring sams packs around.

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