Tröegs Brewery to bring back old Scratch beer via fan vote, introduces Scratch #89

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Scratch Redux Contest
In 2007, Tröegs Brewery introduced the Scratch Beer series, a line of experimental, small-batch beers using non-traditional ingredients and brewing techniques. While some Scratch beers have followed the path to greatness, such as Flying Mouflan and Perpetual IPA, the vast majority have trailed off into obscurity. That is, until now! We’ve picked what we feel to be the best Scratch beers we’ve produced, and we’re letting you – the FANS – vote for which one we will revisit and brew again as a Scratch beer. Vote for the Scratch beer you’d like us to revisit by visiting our Facebook page or simply stop by the brewery and vote at one of the designated ballot boxes.

Scratch Beer Update
Scratch #89 – Irish Red Ale – A first for Tröegs, this traditional Irish Red Ale is slated for a mid-March release to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day. This will be a Tasting Room draft-only release, with growler fill availability to be determined at a later time. Also, we’ve had some inquiries as to why Scratch production has stalled a bit recently. Due to the fact that Nugget Nectar and Perpetual IPA are in such high demand, we’ve been focusing our collective energy on producing enough of these beers to please the masses. Regrettably, our Scratch Beer series has taken a back seat to the production of our current seasonal and newest year-round favorite. Once Nugget Nectar season winds down, you can expect to see more Scratch beers flowing in our Tasting Room.


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