Foolproof Brewing Co. doubles capacity with three new tanks this week

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(Pawtucket, RI) – After only three months of being in business, Foolproof Brewing Company completed its first expansion this week. The brewery, which pairs high-quality, hand-crafted beers with a variety of life experiences, installed three new brewing tanks on Tuesday, effectively doubling the company’s production capacity.

“It’s an absolute thrill to become one of the fastest growing breweries in New England,” said Nick Garrison, president and founder of Foolproof. “With this expansion, we will be able to increase our footprint here in Rhode Island and also enter other markets.”

Since opening in January 2013, the company has been distributing its beers exclusively throughout Rhode Island via C&C Distributors, one of the state’s largest craft beer distributors. “Foolproof has far exceed our expectations,” said Dan Keating, craft beer manager at C&C Distributors. “I think that is due to the high quality of the beer and the combined efforts of the brewery team and C&C.”

In conjunction with this expansion, Foolproof has hired a fourth full-time employee and will continue to expand its workforce as demand and sales grow.

Year-Round and Specialty Beers
Foolproof produces three year-round beers, each designed with a particular experience or activity in mind. Foolproof’s initial year-round offerings include “Barstool,” an American golden ale dedicated to a night out at the bar; “Raincloud,” a robust porter for rainy days; and “Backyahd,” an IPA for barbecuing and other outdoor activities.

The company also produces a line of high-end specialty beers, which rotate throughout the year. Revery, a Russian Imperial Stout, is now available in kegs and 22 oz. bottle format, and the company will soon be releasing a farmhouse ale called La Ferme Urbaine, which was brewed in collaboration with New Urban Farmers of Pawtucket.

Brewery Tours
Foolproof offers four weekly one-hour tours of its brewery, located at 241 Grotto Avenue in Pawtucket. Tours are held Saturdays at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 p.m. For $10, patrons receive a tour of the brewery, an overview of beer and the brewing process, a sampling of Foolproof’s beers, and a glass to take home with them.

About Foolproof Brewing Company
Foolproof Brewing Company ( in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, produces high-quality, hand-crafted beers designed with specific experiences in mind. Whether it be watching a baseball game, sitting at home on a rainy day, or just catching up with friends at the local pub, Foolproof’s goal is to create unique and fulfilling beer experiences.


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