Fort Bend beers coming to stores ‘very soon’, Texas Tornado Trippel debuts

Fort Bend Texas Farmhouse Ale(Fort Bend, TX) – The latest from Fort Bend Brewing Co. as excerpted from the company’s newsletter.

[…] we are in the progress of bottling/packaging all 4 of our initial craft beers. They will be available very soon in following stores: HEB, KROGER, RANDALLS, SPECS, WHOLE FOODS.

We debuted our newest beer at our most recent tour – Texas Tornado Trippel. It is a super-dry, 8.5% ABV, trappist-style golden ale, loaded with german hops (37 IBU’s!), phenolic flavors, and tropical fruit aromas. When will it hit the streets you ask? Good question. It will most likely coincide with the release of our bottles in late April or early May, as we will want to supplement our kegged offerings as we divert some of the supply of our “standard” product to bottles.


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