Fulton Brewing releases The Expat Saison on Friday

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Though the chilly weather may have you wondering, spring is officially here. We’re glad it is, because we refuse to wait any longer to unveil The Expat.

The word “expatriate” is defined as someone residing outside their country or culture of origin–and thus is a word befitting Fulton’s first release to utilize a yeast variety other than our house American Ale strain. Moreover, our saison yeast is of French origin, so the name is also an homage to one of Minnesota’s most notable sons, F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose fame flourished as an expatriate in France during the 1920’s.

At 6.3% ABV, about 30 IBU, and on the higher end of the carbonation spectrum, The Expat is in line with classic definitions of the style–by the numbers, anyway. Unlike most saisons, however, The Expat is brewed with a substantial percentage of rye in the mash and is filtered prior to packaging. The result is a crisp, effervescent saison that is true in spirit to the style’s heritage of fusing refreshment with a bold, spicy farmhouse character. It’s a great beer to enjoy on its own in the late afternoon, but may even be better when paired with a meal. As Garret Oliver writes in The Brewmaster’s Table, “With food, the best saisons are beyond versatile–they are virtually invincible.”

To get your first taste, join us tomorrow, April 5th, in the taproom, or just down the street at Smack Shack on Monday the 8th. It will be available for the next two months on draft throughout the Twin Cities, as well as at our taproom on draft and in growlers. Sorry, we weren’t able to brew enough to bottle this year.

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