He’Brew Rejewvenator 2013 Dubbel Doppel now available

Shmaltz Rejewvenator 2013Press Release:

(New York, NY) – Behold the return of a long-awaited friend, now permanent member of Shmaltz Brewing’s seasonal mishpocha: REJEWVENATOR® 2013. Rejuvenate your taste buds with the sacred nectar of dates and figs — both fruits infused to create a truly glorious species. Inspired by the spiritual brewing traditions of the monks, and the divine fruits of the Holy Land, this half Belgian-Style Dubbel Ale, half Doppelbock European Lager, is the only one of its kind in the world. Like the mystical monks, the 8% alc. Dubbel-Doppel makes a clean, quiet entrance — before the dark fruit flavors begin to crescendo into harmonious notes of creamy caramel. For a limited time, ancient traditions sing a modern tune in both 22 ounce bottles and draught at a store/bar near you.

Rejewvenator® 2008 (brewed with Figs) was touted by critics, including All About Beer who highlighted the brew in its “Beer Talk” tasting section and raved, “It’s a glorious beer.” Oakland Tribune proclaimed, “Don’t miss this one!” Rejewvenator® 2009 (brewed with Dates) was recognized by L Magazine as a “Top 10 Summer Beer In & Around NYC.” San Jose Mercury News raved, “The best summer release that’s against the season is without a doubt HE’BREW’s Rejewvenator.” Rejewvenator® 2010 (brewed with Concord Grapes) brought home a Gold Medal from the World Beer Championships.

The experimental process of brewing Rejewvenator® 2013 begins with 5 specialty malts and 5 hop varieties blending European tradition with brazenly innovative American craft beer flavor and attitude. The brewers use Lager yeast to start cold, bottom fermentation then let the beer warm and pitch a hybrid Abbey/Trappist Belgian Ale yeast brought in exclusively for this brew. Finally all natural Date and Fig Concentrates are infused into the fermenter. Rejewvenator® then sits and ages for several weeks before centerfuge filtration and packaging. A luscious tribute to the original craft beer warriors, the Monks, and a fitting welcome to warmer days and the new life of Spring and Summer. L’Chaim!

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