Beer trade associations oppose NTSB’s recommendation to lower BAC level (video)


NTSB Seal 200On Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a set of recommendations to curb, if not completely eliminate, automotive deaths caused by alcohol impairment. The recommendations made to states include lowering the BAC level from .08 to .05 and introducing in-vehicle technology that would detect alcohol impairment.

According to WJLA, “The American Beverage Institute called the NTSB’s recommendation ‘ludicrous’ and the ‘latest attempt by traffic safety activist groups to expand the definition of drunk.’

The Beer Institute’s VP of Communications, Chris Thorne, tells BeerPulse that the BI “says to focus on repeat and high-BAC offenders.”

Industry stakeholders are taking an active role to help reduce accidents, says Thorne. “Brewers invest in free rides, education efforts which work.”

Technology is also paving the way. Heineken, for example, has a smartphone app called TaxiMagic for booking a taxi and the startup community has created a number of companies with similar ‘e-hailing’ apps designed to make getting rides home easier.

Says Thorne, “Drunk driving can be eliminated – we’ve seen major reductions, down 53% since 1982 with brewer & importer investment helping.”

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2 thoughts on “Beer trade associations oppose NTSB’s recommendation to lower BAC level (video)

  1. How will lowering the BAC limit “completely eliminate” automobile deaths due to alcohol impairment? Answer: it won’t, because it cannot. This is all about money, plain and simple.

  2. I feel drunk way before .08. Granted that may be due to a poorly calibrated tester. It affects everyone differently. Know you own damn limits and make the right choice. Too many asshats can’t think for themselves to save their own lives. Sad.

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