Knee Deep Brewing Co. plans to grow fivefold by next year


(Lincoln, CA) – Knee Deep Brewing received approval from the city of Auburn last month to expand operations to a new facility there this summer.

The new brewery will measure 16,000 square feet and house a 40-barrel brewhouse along with indoor and outdoor tasting areas. Founder, Jeremy Warren, pegged the investment at $1 million.

While the currently-leased Lincoln facility will operate through the summer, Knee Deep hopes to migrate completely to Auburn by year’s end. The leased Lincoln facility is tied to the existing brewhouse so that will not be moving with Knee Deep.

Knee Deep produced 1,800 barrels in 2012, reaching $1 million in sales. The company projects to at least double that this year and has budgeted in 9,000 barrels for 2014.

Beers can be found in California, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Ohio and Vermont but that will change with the expansion.

“Expansion targets include Washington, Oregon, New York, Florida, Texas and most of the Northeastern states,” says Warren. “We have also had preliminary discussions with distributors in western Canada.”

The first Auburn batch is slated to be brewed in July.


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