Modern Times Beer sets new bar for Kickstarter brewery fundraising, raises $65.5k

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UPDATED with quotes below from Modern Times founder, Jacob McKean.

(San Diego, CA) – On Tuesday night, Modern Times Beer’s Kickstarter campaign ended with the brewery raising $65,471 from 645 backers. Both are records for breweries on Kickstarter. As far as we are aware, no brewery had raised more than $45,000 or had more than 545 backers so Modern Times beat those marks by $20,000 and 100 backers respectively.

The campaign raised $20,000 on the first day and passed its $40,000 fundraising goal in two weeks…with two-plus weeks yet to spare.

Fundraising was meant to raise money for: 1) additional tasting room build-out & accessories, 2) buying used wine & spirits barrels, and 3) buying lab equipment. The brewery-in-progress added a stretch goal of $65k in which it would also buy a solar hot water heating system. With the stretch goal met, Modern Times also pledged to donate some money back to local charities. Correction from McKean: “a group of our vendors [pledged to donate] to help incentivize breaking the Kickstarter funding record. These are the folks who made the donation.”

Modern Times founder, Jacob McKean, offered that, “It succeeded because we’d built a hugely enthusiastic & supportive following in the 15 months leading up to the campaign. The painstaking effort of building that fan base is what made this possible.”

Lug Wrench Brewing wrote last week that it may have helped that Modern Times used Kickstarter “to augment [the brewery itself with] something that the public can directly relate to, such as a tasting room.”

Modern Times also employed some unique rewards. $50 pledges could opt in to this reward for example:

Brewer Derek Freese adores Christmas. The holiday season turns him into a giant, ebullient gummy bear, and he’s something of a local expert on the best places to spot insanely ornate Christmas displays. Derek will pick you up at our tasting room–where your generosity will be celebrated with a mass toast–and drive you around to some of the best Christmas light houses in the city. Mug of hot cocoa included.

Modern Times will begin delivering some of those rewards in July.

As for the brewery itself, says McKean, “Pending final permitting & licensing, we hope to start brewing in the next few weeks. My hope is that the tasting room will be open in early June.”


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