New Coors Banquet bottle launches on June 1

Coors Banquet bottle(Golden, CO) – Received the following note from a representative for Coors Brewing Company this past week regarding the new Coors Banquet bottle and recently-released Heritage cans.

Coors Banquet is unveiling a new bottle that will excite consumers in local bars and restaurants this summer. Inspired by packaging that was developed in post-prohibition, the new Coors Banquet Bottle is “stubby” in shape and invites consumers to share in the experience that generations of Coors Banquet fan have enjoyed for generations.

From the shape of the bottle to the three classic Coors Banquet labels that it will feature in 2013, the Banquet Bottle tells a story with every sip. Additionally, in markets currently, Coors Banquet has introduced new stories, personalities and designs to the Heritage Cans.

– Coors® Banquet was first introduced in April 1873 by a young man who began brewing a pilsner-style beer at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado. It was here Adolph Coors developed the uniquely crisp, clean and drinkable “Mile High Taste” of Coors.
– Denver and Golden became popular trading posts; men would carry their treasures down from the mountains, exchange them for money and remain in the towns until their next trip. The men would relax during their long stays in town, often throwing large banquets. Their beer of choice during this time of freedom? “The Banquet Beer,” otherwise known as Coors.
– Coors is brewed with 100 percent Rocky Mountain water. All beer is 90 percent water, so using the best brewing water is key to this legendary brew. Adolph Coors selected Golden as the home of his brewery because its location, just east of the Continental Divide, ensured access to the freshest Rocky Mountain water.

– Starting June 1, Coors Banquet is introducing the “Banquet Bottle” across the country. The Banquet Bottle is a 12 oz. bottle in a “stubby” shape that is inspired by the bottle used after Prohibition.
– Through the end of the year, each bottle will display one of three labels inspired by post-Prohibition era packaging found in the Coors Banquet archives.
– The Banquet Bottle will be available to consumers in bars, restaurants and available for purchase in 6-pack configurations nationwide.

– The Coors Banquet “Honor A Legend” program showcases the brand’s history and stories from 1930s, 1959, 1980s and 1998 are highlighted on four limited-edition packages. The 2013 Heritage Cans feature legendary personalities in Coors brewing history and are available for purchase.
– The Heritage Cans are currently available through August.
– Consumers can “Honor A Legend” by purchasing Heritage Cans or by visiting for chance to nominate a legend in their own life.

Coors Banquet is available nationwide in cans, bottles and kegs. This premium beer contains 142 calories per 12-ounce serving and 5.0 percent alcohol per volume.

Inspired by the shape of the bottles during the age of Prohibition, Coors Banquet is introducing the Banquet Bottle in 2013. After Prohibition, the Coors Brewing Company developed a shorter, stubbier bottle that saved on glass and shipping. In looking at the rich history of the brand, the bottle from 1936 inspired the current design of the Banquet Bottle.

To celebrate the brand’s rich brewing history, the 2013 Heritage packaging introduces a unique story to beer drinkers every time they reach for a Coors Banquet. The featured designs and stories are a reflection of a moment in history during that time.

44 thoughts on “New Coors Banquet bottle launches on June 1

  1. THANK YOU COORS!!! There are so many of us loyal fans out there- and we are thrilled that you are doing this sort of marketing of coors banquet.

    DSK Kansas City

  2. My cowboy, a long, long time drinker of banquet coors is unhappy with new bottle style. Long live the long neck bottles.

  3. Barbara jean, in the end, the alcohol affects are still the same, no matter what the bottle looks like lol

  4. I have been a Coors drinker for 40 some years & I mean Coors banquet not light tho it does do in a Coor Banquet free envirn. Please keep the long neck its the class of the brewery.

  5. I agree with long live the long neck! I liked the old label too. Still my favorite beer though..

  6. Wow, like the new Stubby bottle!!!!! Where in the Louisville area can we get them? Thank You, Steve

  7. I agree. I have been drinking Coors beer since they used to ship it in refrigerated trucks form Colorado. I have been stuck drinking out of these new bottles fro a couple of months and there is nothing good about them. Bring back the long necks

  8. [email protected] on said:

    I love these new bottles, great marketing, it even taste better i, just wished it came in bigger packs.

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  11. I’m a 40 year customer and hate the new bottles. It’s just a new marketing scheme to get the hipster crowd to think they look real cool and retro. The caps are very sharp around the edges and it’s easy to cut your hand pulling it out of the 6-pack.
    It probably takes up less shelf space and cheaper to ship. What a stupid scam.

  12. Bring back the long necks, at least as a purchase option and even if they cost a few cents more. I have to believe the stubbies were introduced as more of a cost cutting consideration than any consumer demand. I’ve started to wander away from Coors in favor of lager brands that continue with long necks.

  13. With everybody else drinking long necks, what makes them think “Banquet” drinkers want these short fat things? And why is it even called “Banquet”? I had a bartender tell me they didn’t have Coors, because all the saw in their cooler was “Banquet” bottle caps, and didn’t know it was Coors.
    Quit inventing problems to solve, and concentrate on more places stocking it. They all sell Coors Light, would it kill them to keep a case or two of the good stuff?

  14. Long neck legacy. Don’t like the short stubby bottle. Doesn’t fit the coozy and isn’t easy to carry a twelve pack. It might be OK in a bar but not at home. Keep making the long neck

  15. I hate the new bottles.Does not taste the same to me.If I cannot get the long necks will have to go back to bud

  16. Over 40 year customer and can’t stand the new bottle. Doesn’t fit in koozies, doesn’t fit in cupholders on my boats. Please bring back the long necks or I might have to look for another brand!

  17. Stubby bottle Coors SUCKS! You still make darn old Coors Light in long neck bottles, why not just leave it in cans?? 1873 was a long time ago. We no longer enjoy stubby bottles. It only worked for Olympia beer for so long. My Mom loved Coors long neck bottles, and I do, too. Bring back the long necks for Coors Original Beer. If I have to drink stubby bottles, I’ll quit drinking Coors.

  18. very displeased with end of longneck bottle and after many years starting to drink heinekin and sometimes corona

  19. The stubby bottle regular Coors is a pain. Without the long neck no one can carry more than one at a time in one hand. That means bar tenders must use both hands just to serve two beers. When I take out bottles to the recycle, I can only carry one empty per hand without placing them in my arms. When I restock the refrigerator with two Coors stored in the garage, I must place the second beer in my arm to have a free hand to open the door. I have been drinking original Coors legally for over 50 years. I would prefer to stay with original Coors, but am so disappointed with the stubby bottles that I have found an acceptable alternative that I will stay with until you bring back long necks.

  20. Been a Coors Banquet drinker for 40 yrs. This new bottle will make me switch to a brand that offers longnecks. Fire your marketing people

  21. I have been drinking Coors long necks for 45 years. I hate your new cheap looking stubby bottles and am so disappointed I am going to switch to another brand.
    Bob Hill

  22. Been drinking Coors (not light) since 1967 “I want my Long Necks Back”

  23. These Stubby bottles are great! Reminds me of when I started drinking beer back in the 70’s. Most every brewer used the stubby.

  24. Hey Coors, I’m in my 20’s and I only picked up a 6 pack of Banquet because of the stubbies. They look great. The new marketing works. Real appealing to the younger crowd. It’s the first time I’ve tried regular Coors and I am definitely a fan. Keep the stubbies if you’re looking to attract a young market.

  25. I have been drinking Banquet Coors for over 50 years. The Stubby bottles are not a good idea!! Please get the LONGNECKS back on the market. Also it is often hard to find the banquet beer in stores! Coors Light seems to be the one you are pushing. Although you advertise it on TV and we try an buy it and you give us a crappy stubby or they don’t have any banquet beer. Get with the program and quit changing stuff. Now the Coors is on end displays too??? I have always liked the fact you kept it cold. I guess that costs too much too. I am very upset that the United States deems it necessary to change things. If it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it. PLEASE GET BANQUET BEER IN LONGNECKS TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA and make an old man proud to drind a Coors Banquet beer out of a real bottle.
    Thanks for you consideration, MIKE Hardy

  26. I only drink from longnecks. I quit buying Banquet and went to Bud Heavy, which is still in longnecks. Bring back the longnecks and I’ll start drinking Banquet (my fav), again. Young people don’t drink Banquet anyway – they mostly drink IPA, wheat, flavored, and light beer. Your marketing folks are missing the mark.

  27. I agree with everyone else, the flavor of the beer in the stubby bottles is not the same as the long neck bottles. Also the beer does not seem to ever get as cold in the stubby bottles as the long neck bottles did.

  28. I also stopped drinking the banquet and started buying Corona!!! I feel like such a traitor but it’s not my fault!!

  29. I’ve been drinking your beer since the days when my fishing buddies would bring it back from their fishing trips out west, could not find it here in Jersey in the late 60’s also visited the brewery twice, the taste is different when drinking the long necks, gone for now, bring the long necks back!

  30. I love the stubbies they are so cool. Whiners and haters can’t accept change. Long neck, stubby, who cares it’s all the same. Awesome banquet beer, anyway you serve it up its hard to find. Why does your company push Coors Light so hard. Coors Banquet rocks over Coors Light.

  31. Please bring back long necks or, at least, give US the option of which one WE want to drink from!!!!!!

  32. Unless I’m missing something, the long neck label stated the beer was “brewed with Rocky Mountain spring water”. Now the stubby just says “Born in the Rockies”. Can someone tell me if this beer is brewed in Golden with RM spring water or is this actually brewed in the Virginia plant and you’re using the Born in the Rockies phrase to get over on us fools. It’s been my favorite beer for over 50 years and the taste is not the same as the Golden origin long neck in my view. Huge scam going on in my view maybe based on a production issue out of the Golden brewery? The bottle switch made the scam possible changing the phrasing maybe?

  33. Bruce you are dead on, the taste is not the same, stopped drinking it since bottle change, I have 5 long necks saved, don’t know when I’ll drink them

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