New Coors Banquet bottle launches on June 1

Coors Banquet bottle(Golden, CO) – Received the following note from a representative for Coors Brewing Company this past week regarding the new Coors Banquet bottle and recently-released Heritage cans.

Coors Banquet is unveiling a new bottle that will excite consumers in local bars and restaurants this summer. Inspired by packaging that was developed in post-prohibition, the new Coors Banquet Bottle is “stubby” in shape and invites consumers to share in the experience that generations of Coors Banquet fan have enjoyed for generations.

From the shape of the bottle to the three classic Coors Banquet labels that it will feature in 2013, the Banquet Bottle tells a story with every sip. Additionally, in markets currently, Coors Banquet has introduced new stories, personalities and designs to the Heritage Cans.

– Coors® Banquet was first introduced in April 1873 by a young man who began brewing a pilsner-style beer at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado. It was here Adolph Coors developed the uniquely crisp, clean and drinkable “Mile High Taste” of Coors.
– Denver and Golden became popular trading posts; men would carry their treasures down from the mountains, exchange them for money and remain in the towns until their next trip. The men would relax during their long stays in town, often throwing large banquets. Their beer of choice during this time of freedom? “The Banquet Beer,” otherwise known as Coors.
– Coors is brewed with 100 percent Rocky Mountain water. All beer is 90 percent water, so using the best brewing water is key to this legendary brew. Adolph Coors selected Golden as the home of his brewery because its location, just east of the Continental Divide, ensured access to the freshest Rocky Mountain water.

– Starting June 1, Coors Banquet is introducing the “Banquet Bottle” across the country. The Banquet Bottle is a 12 oz. bottle in a “stubby” shape that is inspired by the bottle used after Prohibition.
– Through the end of the year, each bottle will display one of three labels inspired by post-Prohibition era packaging found in the Coors Banquet archives.
– The Banquet Bottle will be available to consumers in bars, restaurants and available for purchase in 6-pack configurations nationwide.

– The Coors Banquet “Honor A Legend” program showcases the brand’s history and stories from 1930s, 1959, 1980s and 1998 are highlighted on four limited-edition packages. The 2013 Heritage Cans feature legendary personalities in Coors brewing history and are available for purchase.
– The Heritage Cans are currently available through August.
– Consumers can “Honor A Legend” by purchasing Heritage Cans or by visiting for chance to nominate a legend in their own life.

Coors Banquet is available nationwide in cans, bottles and kegs. This premium beer contains 142 calories per 12-ounce serving and 5.0 percent alcohol per volume.

Inspired by the shape of the bottles during the age of Prohibition, Coors Banquet is introducing the Banquet Bottle in 2013. After Prohibition, the Coors Brewing Company developed a shorter, stubbier bottle that saved on glass and shipping. In looking at the rich history of the brand, the bottle from 1936 inspired the current design of the Banquet Bottle.

To celebrate the brand’s rich brewing history, the 2013 Heritage packaging introduces a unique story to beer drinkers every time they reach for a Coors Banquet. The featured designs and stories are a reflection of a moment in history during that time.

67 thoughts on “New Coors Banquet bottle launches on June 1

  1. I live around the Chicago area. Can anyone verify if Coors Banquet in this area comes from Colorado or is it from the Miller brewery in Milwaukee?

  2. Longneck please ,we hate the hobo bottle we texans like our beers to fit in our yetis and longneck sleeves!

  3. Thank you! My husband has drank this beer for 48 years and he hates these bottles! Coors told me if you can find them in the case they will be longnecks! I’ve called every beer distributor around and they don’t carry the cases! Coors was very adamant they were not going back to the longnecks!

  4. ahhhh, “stubby’s” brings back my youth. I’m now buying Coors for the first time because, they are using stubby’s. Just makes the beer taste better I tell ya……HA!

  5. I hate the stub bottles & if Coors doesn’t care what the consumers want then maybe it is time to start drinking Budweiser again.

  6. I just got some stubby’s for the first time & I can say I’m in love ha” And reading the history behind it all, More in love can’t wait to get home to crack One open.

  7. Stumbles were almost universally used in Canada till the early 80s when the dreaded long neck was forced on us. Long live the long neck!

  8. Yeah the stubby bottles are no good. Bring back the paper label pop tops you open with a church key. The bottle was thicker and longer and taste even better than the regular coors long neck. Coors is no longer bringing back the bottle ever. I asked why and there was a moment of silence and then studder, damn kids…..

  9. I like the stubby, brings back memories from the 70’s when every single beer was short. I always hated those bloody long neck, been drinking in glasses since they forced them on us in the early 80’s. Long live the stubby!!

  10. Hate the stubbys! Haven’t had a Coors since they came out. Bring back the longnecks.

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