Shmaltz Brewing reaches $3.9 million in sales in 2012, will open new brewery on July 7th

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Press Release:

(Clifton Park, NY) – For 16 years, Shmaltz Brewing Co. championed contract brewing and developed a dedicated cult following around the award-winning HE’BREW – The Chosen Beer® and Coney Island Craft Lagers®. In breaking with tradition, Shmaltz opens its own New York State production brewery just 10 minutes north of Albany’s capital district. Shmaltz’s new home boasts a 50-barrel brewhouse with 20,000 barrels of annual capacity. With a $3.25 million dollar budget and countless hours of planning and preparation, what began as an improbable fantasy only one year ago, has blossomed into a nearly 20,000 square foot brewing reality.

The new Shmaltz brewery will package 12 and 22 ounce bottles and kegs of their diverse core and seasonal favorites. Several new releases and collaborations are on tap for 2013, and Shmaltz will continue their acclaimed exploration of barrel-aging with a current inventory of more than 300 bourbon, rye whiskey, and tequila barrels. The brewery projects hiring upwards of 10 full time staff for the new operation in addition to the dozen staffers currently handling sales, marketing and contract brewing operations.

Even with this new beginning, Shmaltz will be piloted under the watchful and experienced eyes of the same dynamic team that’s brought the craft beer world many years of delicious beer and delicious shtick, including Jeremy Cowan (Proprietor), Bob Craven (General Manager), Matt Polacheck (Art Director), Zak Davis (National Sales Manager), Jesse P. Cutler (PR Director), and Paul McErlean (Consulting Brewmaster who created every recipe in Shmaltz’s family of beers).

Brewing production will begin in May 2013, and the official, public grand opening bash will take place on Sunday, July 7, 2013. Following the opening, craft beer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the nectar of the new brewery gods at Shmaltz’s tasting room throughout the year. Brewery tours will be available to the public – times will be announced this summer.

What began in 1996 as a sincere experiment of 100 cases of beer delivered out of the back of founder Jeremy Cowan’s grandmother’s Volvo, has grown into a 200,000 case per year operation (over 12,000 barrels), grossing $3.9 million in sales in 2012, a 42% increase over 2011. The Shmaltz Tribe honors their contract brewing roots while embracing the miracle of new life in Clifton Park, NY, with its exciting expansion as a 50-barrel playground for brewing exceptional specialty beers and hosting a growing family of enthusiastic consumers at its new home.


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