Shmaltz Brewing update: Hops in He’brew, David’s Slingshot, Funky Jewbelation video


He'Brew David's Slingshot Hoppy Summer Lager label(Clifton Park, NY) – The latest update from Shmaltz Brewing Co., courtesy of its email newsletter…

Hops in He’brew Hoppy Variety Pack

Giving new meaning to “adult education,” our brand spanking new Hops in He’brew Hoppy Variety Pack will have you memorizing this equation in no time: four hopcentric, 12 ounce beers in one Hoppy Variety Pack equals a very happy Hop-head. Hitting shelves in a few weeks, the Hops in He’brew Variety Pack is made up of Genesis Dry-Hopped Session Ale, Hop Manna IPA, Lenny’s Bittersweet R.I.P.A. and our newest seasonal release –– David’s Slingshot Hoppy Summer Lager. This is the first time we have released a lager in the He’brew profile and outside of the Hops in He’brew Hoppy Variety Pack, David’s Slingshot will only be available on draught.

David’s Slingshot Hoppy Summer Lager

Once upon a time a young shepherd named David defeated the Goliath summer lager market by using his slingshot to fling a cascade, saaz, summit, citra and crystal hop into a smooth, refreshing seasonal beer. The result: a victorious, sessionable summer sensation with plenty of hoppy goodness, and a bit of rye on the finish. David’s hand-crafted slingshot will prove a beer-force to be reckoned with at any summer gathering. Look for He’brew’s first lager on draft, or in 12 ounce bottles as part of the Hops in He’brew Variety Pack beginning early summer.

Funky Jewbelation video

Our favorite filmmakers, Zac Nicholson and Tristan Cook, put together this funky video gem. Check it out above

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