Southern Tier Brewing update: 2X Rye, Warlock, and four beers not returning in 2013

Southern Tier 2XRye Double Rye Ale label

(Lakewood, NY) – Southern Tier Brewing Co. rep, Dave Giczkowski, appeared on the Craft Beer Talk podcast earlier this month. Among the things he revealed is that Oat, Jah-va, Mohka & Gemini will not be back in 2013 but in their place are some new beers, some of which were just released this spring. Below is a sneak peek of the new ones to come in late summer and fall.

Southern Tier has also completed an expansion and now has a 110-barrel system to go with what is now a 20-barrel R&D system. The increased production allowed the company to recently expand to Texas and Louisiana. Giczkowski says that puts the brewery in 35 or 36 states as well as Brazil, Denmark, Japan and Sweden.

Southern Tier 2XRye:

Rye is a cereal grain historically grown in our region. It has been cultivated since the time of the early settlers due to the scrappy and hearty ability to withstand harsh climates and poor growing conditions. Did you know George Washington grew rye and used it to ferment whiskey? We are pretty sure that is a fact. You will notice the distinct notes of rye, a slightly spicy and grainy aroma not lost in the shuffle of hops and the other four malted grains we use in this fine seasonal addition to our 2X line.

STYLE: Double Rye India Pale Ale
ABV: 8.1%
FERMENTATION: Ale yeast, three varieties of hops, five types of malts
COLOR: Copper/Deep Copper
EFFERVESCENCE: Ample carbonation
NOSE: Pine, tropical citrus, slight fruitiness
FLAVOR: Moderate sweetness, piney, firm graininess with spicy rye finish
BODY: Medium
GLASS: Nonic pint, mug
AVAILABILITY: Autumn / 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases) / Draught

In other news, the brewery has changed the look for its Blackwater Series starting with Plum Noir. Look for Creme Brulee to don the new look next, followed by the debut of Southern Tier Warlock Imperial Pumpkin Stout in September and Choklat in the winter.

The latest keg approval to come through is Southern Tier Pub Ale.

southern tier blackwater 22oz bottles

3 thoughts on “Southern Tier Brewing update: 2X Rye, Warlock, and four beers not returning in 2013

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  2. Tried the warlock last night, this had to be the worst crafted beer I have ever had. The Mace, nutmeg and other spices that were used totally hijacked the flavor of the beer. It was like dumping a table spoon of the spices on the end of my tongue. I am a huge fan of Southern Tier brewery, but this is one pathetic beer. It was a shame at 10 bucks a bottle to ended up dumping it down the drain.

  3. doesn’t sound like you’re that huge a fan if you’re willing to dump on them in a public forum. warlock is not my style either and neither is creme brulee or moka or any of backwater series for that matter. but plenty of people like theme and are southern tier fans because of them. nothing wrong with making something for everyone. can’t believe you didn’t finish a perfectly good beer.

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