Benedictine Brewery: first look at a future American Monastic beer brand


(Mt. Angel, OR) – America has a new Monastic beer brand coming on the horizon: Benedictine Brewery.

Who said that monasteries can’t have nice things? This one appears to have some major branding and marketing muscle behind its future beer label that most small breweries could only dream of having.

To build its swanky brand identity, Benedictine has enlisted the help of veteran agency, Brand Navigation. Brand Navigation has also done work for two other beer brands, Bert Grant’s and Three Creeks Brewing, and boasts an impressive client list that includes eight-figure companies like World Relief, Eco Timber and Hartmann.

To differentiate itself from the competition, Benedictine plans to play up its monastic and Pacific Northwest roots with character that is “approachable, witty and inspiring,” according to a Brand Navigation case study.

It is all in the concept stage for now. As Beervana reports, there is no brewery yet (or even a brewhouse on order yet) so it will be at least 2014 until we see Benedictine beers become available. Possible beers, per the case study, include a saison, amber and porter.









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