Magic Hat and West Sixth settle logo dispute, release joint statement

west sixth brewing logo(Burlington, VT) – Looks like the penultimate shoe has dropped in Magic Hat vs. West Sixth, the final shoe being what will happen to the West Sixth logo.

4pm UPDATE: The only change made to the logo is removal of the dingbat/star as shown here.

On Thursday morning, Magic Hat posted the following statement on its Facebook page. West Sixth had not posted the statement as of the time this was published.

Official Release West Sixth & Magic Hat

The parties have a mutual interest in assuring that consumers perceive their products as distinct.

The parties have mutually resolved the issues addressed in the lawsuit in a manner that eliminates potential confusion about product origin and resolves the lawsuit in a mutually acceptable way.

To the extent West Sixth in any way represented that Magic Hat filed a frivolous lawsuit, that Magic Hat initiated litigation improperly, that Magic Hat was unresponsive in negotiating a resolution, that Cerveceria Costa Rica was itself involved in the dispute or its resolution, that Magic Hat claimed ownership of the numeral 6, that Magic Hat sued West Sixth after West Sixth had already acceded to its demands, that Magic Hat has no Vermont presence, or that Magic Hat sought to recover for or enjoin West Sixth from truthful public statements, such representations are retracted. West Sixth regrets that it in any manner communicated any inaccuracies, and hereby corrects those errors.

Both Magic Hat and West Sixth have agreed that this joint statement will be the last public communication from either side regarding the resolved dispute.

Each wishes the other good fortune and continued success.

11 thoughts on “Magic Hat and West Sixth settle logo dispute, release joint statement

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  3. Sounds to me like West Sixth basically bent over and took it. Effing lawyers…

  4. @Boo-urns – Honestly, if all that happened to them (and we don’t know this) is that the brewery had to remove the star from the logo, all that publicity they got is not a bad tradeoff.

  5. I agree with Adam. The dingbat/starburst was the one element of the logo that definitely tipped the scale. The question I have…is the beer any good?

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  7. All I can tell you is that I’ve been to West Sixth twice in the last week and they’re basically sold out of beer (they went from something like 10 beers on tap to 3 or 4). West Sixth also just installed a couple of new fermenters to keep up with the increasing demand. Not to mention, all local, non-chain places in Lexington have pulled Magic Hat. (No risk of confusion now b/c you can’t buy Magic Hat.) So, if losing a star on the logo is the price for a big increase in business, I’m sure West Sixth was glad to pay the price.

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