Stone Enjoy By 08.02.13 IPA heading for four markets

Stone Enjoy By 08 02 13 IPA bottle 200(Escondido, CA) – Stone Brewing Company updated its Enjoy By page on Tuesday with some information on the next edition in the series: Stone Enjoy By 08.02.13 IPA.

The lucky markets getting it this time include: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. The beer is set to arrive on Wednesday of next week so it will ship in a few days.

The most recent release in the series, Enjoy By 07.04.13 IPA, will be pulled from shelves if still available after Independence Day.

As to where the beer could go next, the Enjoy-o-meter, which measures #Enjoyby hashtag activity on Twitter as an interest indicator, is ice cold. That could either mean the process isn’t working as originally designed or it is ripe for the taking.

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