Crooked Stave signs statewide deal with California Craft, Cascade signs in SoCal

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Update: On Monday, we published a sentence regarding the relationship between a brewery and its supplier. While the sentence in questions is factually accurate, when juxtaposed with other information in this article, would likely have mislead the reader as to a change in that relationship that did not occur. We have been asked to remove this sentence and wish to express our sincere apologies to California Craft Distributors and other parties impacted by this error.

(Denver, CO) – Crooked Stave will make its soft launch in California at the end of the month.

Says California Craft Distributors co-founder, Heather Castro, “We are excited to confirm that we will be the distributor state-wide for the Crooked Stave beers in California.”

Look for bottles to hit the market starting next week with a full launch, draft and events included, coming in early September.

Crooked Stave did not return a request for information on beers that would be included for this shipment.

cascade barrel house logoAnother new addition to the California Craft portfolio in the southern market is Cascade Brewing. Cascade had previously been carried by El Dorado Distributing. Cascade bottles returned last week but Castro notes that this brand is extremely limited and that availability may be intermittent.

California Craft carries several other brands including Almanac and FiftyFifty Brewing.

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