More on Samuel Adams Tetravis Belgian-style Quadrupel, going nationwide in September

Samuel Adams Tetravis bottle(Boston, MA) – BeerPulse obtained some additional information on an upcoming Barrel Room Collection release from Samuel Adams on Thursday. We recently shared that Tetravis Belgian Quadrupel will begin rolling out as early as August to some markets. It will be available nationwide at some point in September.

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The newest addition to the Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection, Samuel Adams Tetravis is the brewer’s bold interpretation of a traditional Belgian Quadrupel. A style made by the Trappist brewers of Belgium, a Quadrupel (or “Quad” for short) is a strong Belgian style ale featuring more intense flavors than its Dubbel and Tripel sister styles.

– A style known for its rich, malty character and deep garnet and dark brown hues, Samuel Adams Tetravis is rich and complex Belgian Quad with a molasses sweetness and notes of dark fruits, like raisins and figs. This brew has an undercurrent of tart spice and fruitiness from its distinctive Belgian yeast and from adding, Kosmic Mother Funk®, a special barrel aged‐ale, the brewers blend into this beer and all of our Barrel Room Collection brews.

– Inspired by Belgian brewers approach to blending, aging and conditioning, each beer in the Barrel Room Collection is blended to varying degrees with Samuel Adams’ Kosmic Mother Funk® (known as KMF), an ale aged in Hungarian oak
tuns for up to 12 months. KMF adds layers of complexity and flavor to this traditional Belgian Quad backbone including a spectrum of flavors from earthy and spicy to floral and sweet. Aging the KMF in wood imparts a toasty oak note to this brew and allows a small amount of oxygen to slowly seep in creating smoothness.

– At 10.2% ABV, Samuel Adams Tetravis is a medium bodied brew that finishes with a lingering warmth partially imparted
by bottle conditioning with a champagne yeast.

– For starters, Samuel Adams Tetravis’ spicy and clove notes from the Belgian yeast cuts through creamy cheeses like
Camembert and pairs well with smoked meats like charcuterie. The bold molasses sweetness from the malt, complements rich dishes like roast beef and stews. The spicy Belgian yeast character complements warm notes in desserts like crème brulee and spiced cakes.

Samuel Adams Tetravis will be available nationwide in September in 750mL, cork‐finished bottles, for a suggested retail price of $9.99‐$10.99 per bottle (price varies by market.)

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  1. Found this at Hop City in Atlanta on August 2nd. I just happened to be in town on a trip with some friends. Lucked out there!

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