Samuel Adams Octoberfest now available for fall 2013 season

Samuel Adams Octoberfest 12oz can

(Boston, MA) – The Boston Beer Company’s Samuel Adams Octoberfest began to make its way out to the market in recent days.

Compared to last year, the arrival comes approximately one week earlier. CEO, Martin Roper, said at the time that they sold through Summer Ale faster than expected.

Samuel Adams Octoberfest will also make its debuts in cans this time around.

Don’t be surprised if Octoberfest is a point of discussion during the Q2 earnings conference call in two weeks.

The Boston Beer Company, Sierra Nevada and New Belgium have all started releasing their fall seasonals at this point.

Paulaner set the benchmark in June with its earlier-than-ever release of Octoberfest.

11 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Octoberfest now available for fall 2013 season

  1. Yep. Season creep is way out of hand. By the time I’m ready to start thinking about drinking seasonal brews (like Summer Ale, now that it’s, you know, summer) they start disappearing and the next season’s beers hit the shelves. I am NOT looking for a heavy, malty beer in the heat of July and August!

  2. I love this brew, but it’s a bit too early for this. Still thinking about getting a case of Porch Rocker.

  3. It’s never too early for Octoberfest…the greatest beer in the world IMO!

  4. Nathan Stone is Correct ~ I keep it Year Round ~ Add (2) bottles in Crock Pot With Corn beef, and one Head of Cabbage, Season to taste,.,., Bout 5 Hours,.,., High or all night on Low ~ Wheeeeeee ~ Sweet ~

  5. I LOVE Octoberfest in cans, so much fresher than the bottles available to me out here in northeastern Pennsylvania. Plus, a lot of campgrounds/music festivals won’t let you bring glass onto the grounds. So much more convenient for recycling, too. Just better than bottles!

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