21st Amendment Brewery on pace to hit 65k bbls, brews pumpkin beer collab with Elysian

21st Amendment Brewery logo(San Francisco, CA) – Twin Cities Business Magazine featured an epic write-up on Cold Spring Brewing this weekend. There is a notable paragraph contained within that shows a rare look at some hard contract brewing numbers from 21st Amendment Brewery.

Contract brewing, however, can reap significant fees: Cold Spring’s production for 21st Amendment, for example, has jumped tenfold over several years, hitting 43,000 barrels in 2012 and approaching 65,000 this year, according to Freccia. In 2009, 21st Amendment paid Cold Spring $388,000 for its services; last year, it forked over nearly $3 million.

If you crunch the math on 2009, $388k / 5,500 barrels (credit: Brewers Association) comes out to $70/barrel. If you crunch the math on 2012, $2.9 million (estimate) / 43,715 barrels (credit: BA) comes out to closer to $66/barrel. Rough math but gives you an idea of what it costs to contract brew (other costs notwithstanding).

A recent Associated Press piece mentioned that 21st Amendment would like to open its own 80k-square-foot brewery.

On the beer side of things, Elysian Brewing’s Dick Cantwell got an upclose look at Cold Spring’s system during a mid-June collaboration brew with 21st Amendment.

According to Elysian’s pumpkin fest details, there are “new collaborations including a pumpkin beer duo with San Francisco’s 21st Amendment featuring a Pumpkin Belgian Tripel with ginger and a Pumpkin Baltic Porter with Caraway and Cinnamon.”

21st Amendment Head Brewer David “Zambo” Zamborski made noted of a pumpkin beer “multi-pack” during last week’s Craft Beer Nation interview which you can watch in full below.

It is a bit surprising to have not seen labels or keg collars for the beer(s) yet provided it/they was/were brewed in mid-June. The TTB is taking much longer than previously to go through statements of process on beers with non-traditional ingredients like pumpkins so it wouldn’t be surprising if that may have happened here.



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