Flying Dog’s new “Swallow the Truth” campaign backfires with North Carolina joke

flying dog north carolina swallow the truth


(Frederick, MD) – To kick off Flying Dog Brewery’s The Truth Imperial IPA, a new year-round beer, the company started a “Swallow the Truth” campaign on its Facebook page.

If you haven’t been by the Newcastle Facebook page recently, “Swallow the Truth” is very similar to Newcastle’s “No Bollocks” campaign poking fun at various things like Budweiser’s Bowtie can, poorly-taken fan photos and international “beer holidays.” Newcastle jokingly refers to its Facebook page as, “Your place to complain about our ads.”

And that is exactly what happened in the case of Flying Dog on Wednesday.

The company posted the above image with the caption, “The beer was not brewed at our Asheville brewery…because we don’t have one.”

Though one could surmise that Flying Dog was poking fun at all the North Carolina expansions in a similar vein as 21st Amendment Brewery and others did a while back, the intent behind the joke wasn’t immediately apparent.

NCBeerMagazine, albeit with an over-the-top headline, gathered some of the chatter from the Facebook thread before Flying Dog took it down.

The company has posted a new thread with the following statement:

We are releasing a new Imperial IPA called The Truth.

What appealed to us about this concept of the truth is that as a society, we are constantly blasted with hype, lies, and exaggerations. And we’re expected to swallow it as the truth.

What we learned today is that an inarguable truth was reacted to in very subjective ways.

In one simple statement, we managed to offend the following:
A. North Carolina beer
B. Breweries already in, moving to, or expanding to North Carolina
C. The entire state of North Carolina
D. And probably people who live in South Carolina, but work in North Carolina

If you were offended by Flying Dog today and are not included in the list above, please let us know.

So is all press good press in this case?

Chris Horner of Swingbridge Beer and Wine posted, “Hey Flying Dog – you just lost your WHOLE set in my store. I am sure that your competitors will appreciate the extra faces.”

Another person (whose affiliation with a competing beer distributor can be easily found through Google) said, “Any how [sic] thanks for the four extra shelf facings your disrespect got me today! Idiots…”

On the other hand, many more people know about Flying Dog’s “Swallow the Truth” campaign now than they did earlier in the week.

7 thoughts on “Flying Dog’s new “Swallow the Truth” campaign backfires with North Carolina joke

  1. in NC and still want to try this, but seriously people it was a joke, lighten up, it isn’t like they pulled a Paula Dean or anything

  2. Guess I better go have some Flying Dog to compensate. They should just run the ad in Kentucky…. not too many fans of the great state of North Carolina there, lol.

  3. Maryland does football and crab cakes. North Carolina does beer and… well, beer. You would never diss football or crab cakes to a Marylander…