Quack attack: The Lost Abbey website crashes during ‘Duck Duck Gooze’ online sale

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1:15PM PST Update: After re-opening the sale at 12:30PM PST, the sale re-opened but the site was still sputtering. As of right now, that is still the case and complaints are still rolling in though some people are reporting success as well. Per The Lost Abbey, via email, “as stoked as we are that we were the first release to crash a Nexternal site in 14 years, we’re just as frustrated.”

(San Marcos, CA) – The Lost Abbey held its highly-anticipated Duck Duck Gooze online reservation on Tuesday. As of 10:55AM PST, the sale had not yet resumed with countless complaints continuing to stream in by the minute.

Failing to heed the warnings of past limited beer sales online that crashed, The Lost Abbey used a seemingly unknown service called Nexternal to run the sale.

The site crashed as soon as the sale started with Nexternal eventually releasing this statement on its Twitter account:


“@lostabbey So sorry about the latency. We are doing everything we can to troubleshoot the issue and hope to have things moving again soon.”

…shortly followed by an apology to all of its own customers who have also been impacted by The Lost Abbey sale…

“Clients, we are having some latency issues and are working diligently to troubleshoot the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The two options that seem to have worked the best for these sales are MusicToday (Three Floyds Dark Lord Day) and Eventbrite (Founders Doom).

Several other services have crashed servers during online beer reservations.

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