Samuel Adams Cold Snap White Ale gets label approval as possible spring seasonal

Samuel Adams Cold Snap White Ale label

(Boston, MA) – It wouldn’t be beyond The Boston Beer Company to be fooling us with a decoy label approval (as they have done in the past) but this appears to be legitimate.

Samuel Adams Cold Snap White Ale received label approval this week and looks to be replacing Alpine Spring in the spring seasonal slot.

In doing so, the company would be going back to a fan favorite style that it featured as a spring seasonal as recently as 2009.

We received dozens of comments expressing disappointment on the post announcing Noble Pils as White Ale’s replacement for the spring 2010 season.

Boston Beer CEO, Martin Roper, first hinted to The Tales From the Cask podcast earlier this summer that they would be going with a new spring seasonal in 2014.

6 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Cold Snap White Ale gets label approval as possible spring seasonal

  1. Oh boy. Another white ale from Sam Adams. Alpine Spring was actually pretty damn good. Maybe because SA makes way better lagers than ales. Those people that preferred the original white ale to Noble Pils are turds. Noble Pils is a fine beer. This is bound to be just as generic and off-style as White Lantern.

  2. I came here looking for when Alpine Spring might again be available. Someday I hope!

  3. So disappointed!! I’ve been waiting all year for the alpine spring – it’s my favorite! Bring it back please!

  4. Terrible, I just went to the store to pick some up………………so disappointed loved their alpine spring………..first time I have ever looked forward to a seasonal beer. Actually, got the last 12 pack at a local beer shop last year and the employee across the counter……said one word….”Lucky” He was going to grab it prior to leaving that night.

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