Terrapin mega update: record-breaking month, new collaborations, new beers and more

Terrapin Dr. Krunkles White Farmhouse IPA(Athens, GA) – Terrapin Beer Company commissioned its new 100-barrel Rolec brewhouse in January and has had a big year as a result.

Terrapin co-founder, John Cochran, reported this on his blog on Thursday:

In July of 2013, Terrapin sold 4,030 barrels of beer. That’s 8,060 kegs. Or 55,533 cases. Or 124,930 gallons of beer. In only one month! What really brought the significance of this number home to me was when I realized it was more beer than we sold in all of 2002, 2003 and 2004 combined.

Fittingly, the company’s other co-founder, Spike Buckowski, joined the Under My Host podcast this week to discuss, among other things, growth and the industry at large.

Buckowski touched on the industry and new breweries. As an established 11 year-old brewery in ten states, coming off of a $3.8 million expansion, Terrapin finds itself in a solid position to grow. That said, following the lead of some fellow incumbent breweries, Buckowski exuded caution, re-telling a story in which an old friend of his said that he just wanted to find breweries like Sierra Nevada or Bell’s on tap but they were being taken over by local brands, “only half of which were good” (in the words of his old friend).

Another topic that came up is contracting which Buckowski referred to as a double-edged sword. Heavy Seas’ founder, Hugh Sisson, coming down on contracting in the past came up and Buckowski noted that it was kind of strange given they contracted a batch of beer at Heavy Seas previously. Buckowski is fine with contracting under the right principals but is concerned when a company is contracting with the intent to eventually flip the business.

Buckowski revealed that Terrapin contracted recently up at Two Roads Brewing Company, which has the same brewing system as Terrapin. Buckowski went up to Connecticut to brew and can a beer called RecreationAle. The beer is available now and Buckowski expected another 500 barrels of the beer to make their way down south this week.

In other news…

Terrapin Dr. Krunkles White Farmhouse IPA is still in the tanks.

When Terrapin brews Moo-Hoo, it will brew one tank of White Chocolate Moo-Hoo.

When Terrapin brews Wake-n-Bake, it will brew one tank of “Cinnamon Rolled” Wake-n-Bake. Buckowski says it will be “breakfast in a glass.”

Terrapin will brew a pineapple smoked German Helles Lager.

Terrapin will collaborate with Swamp Head Brewery in Gainesville to brew what will likely be an English Bitter with Georgia peaches and Florida oranges. The name of the beer will be “Bitter Rivalry.”

Terrapin will collaborate with Cigar City Brewing (no details).

Terrapin plans to work with Richland Rum to source some rum barrels for what Buckowski hopes will be a big beer with pecans (from a local farm).

Buckowski will fly out to England with several other U.S. brewers to brew for JD Wetherspoons’ real ale fest.

Last but not least, Buckowski says that three people (out of a possible four) claimed the golden tickets from the company’s Georgia Theatre sweepstakes a while back. The winners received a lifetime pass to shows at the rebuilt Georgia Theatre.


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