Woman tries 100 beers from Short’s Brewing during record-breaking tap-takeover

shorts jen elmer(East Lansing, MI) – A recap from The HopCat East Lansing’s after the bar’s 100-tap Short’s Brewing tap takeover…via the Facebook page.

What an amazing day yesterday was! We opened at 11 AM with a line of almost 500 people and were at capacity the entire day. We can’t thank you enough, East Lansing! It was so much fun meeting customers who live locally, as well as beer travelers from Kentucky, Indiana, Chicago, Florida and other states who all came to participate in our world record Short’s Brewing 100-beer tap takeover.

As far as we know only one person tried all 100 beers: Jen Elmer from Grand Rapids. She was with a group of friends and tried a sip of every single Short’s beer we had on tap, along with a lot of food and water along the way. Jen now has the distinction of being the only person in the history of the world to try 100 different beers from the same brewery in the same day.


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2 thoughts on “Woman tries 100 beers from Short’s Brewing during record-breaking tap-takeover

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  2. If I would have been there I would have been the first. Unfortunately we don’ have a lot of good beer here in Panama, so when I get the chance I indulge.

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