Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter cans coming next week

Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter label(Tempe, AZ) – The latest from Four Peaks Brewing Co., courtesy of Thursday’s email newsletter…

At officially midnight on Monday, September 23rd, the first pint of Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter 2013 will be poured. The salivating masses are expected to be lined up to receive the very first taste of porter for the season and we will be doing things a bit differently from in previous years.

Here’s What You Need To Know!


Yes, the rumors are true!

Due in no small part to the time it takes to pour them and the amount of waste it creates, we will not be doing Growlers of the Pumpkin Porter this year. Instead, we are proud to announce that we will be selling it in 6-Pack cans exclusively at all 3 Four Peaks locations!

And it only makes sense:

Pumpkin Growlers vs. 6-Pack Cans
$16 ($20 Brand New) $15
Shelf life = 72 hours Shelf Life = Months
64 oz. 72 Total oz.
Can only be opened once 6 convenient 12 oz. portions

Our apologies to any Growler purists out there but, in order to make sure that as much of the Pumpkin Porter reaches the lips of its devoted fans as possible, we believe that this is in the best interest of all parties.

In order to make sure that our limited supply of Pumpkin Porter 6-pack cans stay around for a while, we will be limiting purchases to 2 cases.

4 thoughts on “Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter cans coming next week

  1. I love pumpkin porter it is one of my favorites but 15.00 is way too much money in the grocery store top I would pay is 10.49 but typically a good 6 pack is about 8.99 and when on special sometimes less.

  2. Yeah, $15 is an insult. Not to mention having to seek it out. It’s a bummer, really been wanting to try this… but no thanks, tons of great craft breweries offering pumpkin porters/ales/whatever for under $10.

    I spend well over $15 for bourbons and whatnot, so I’m not adverse to the number of dollars… but the disparity between this and most of the rest of the market just feels insulting (I know, I said that already).

  3. Any plans with your expanded operations to offer it in 1/6 barrels for those of us with kegerators?

  4. So if I read it as you guys did, that’s really taking a stab at our sense abilities. The batch changes year after, so who knows if it’s as good as it was 2 years ago! That’s the last time I thought it was good.

    And I don’t buy this growler angle. So yer saving me from myself and making me take cans at 60 a case. Wow greed is good. I’m moving on… see ya

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