MillerCoors-sponsored “Craft Beer Night” at US Cellular Field cancelled?

millercoors logo circleFile this one under “strange.”

Our handy-dandy Google News feed pointed us to an article from earlier in the week on NBC Sports’ Hardball Talk blog about “‘Craft Beer Night’ sponsored by MillerCoors.”

The article offered some snark around a Chicago WhiteSox tweet, declaring the event/sponsorship as one of the “Great Moments in Completely Missing the Dang Point.”

While the mobile version is still up and the post has been syndicated elsewhere, the original is now a 404 page.

Not only that but that the Chicago White Sox tweet that it referenced is also gone.

And the link in the tweet now re-directs to the White Sox general ticketing page.

And judging by the Chicago White Sox “promotions” running that night which says just “Fireworks,” it looks like the event is no longer happening either…or maybe they’re just no longer seeking media attention for it.

So much for “‘Craft Beer Night’ sponsored by MillerCoors.”

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