Drake’s update: Exxpedition, Jolly Rodger 2013, J. Rodgerator, Reunion, X-2 IPA

Drake’s Exxpedition Imperial Red Ale label(San Leandro, CA) – Drake’s Brewing Co. shared a bunch of new beer updates in this week’s email newsletter. More below…

Drake’s Exxpedition Imperial Red Ale

Our fall seasonal Exxpedition Imperial Red just hit the shelves and taps at Drake’s Barrel House, and it’s certainly tasting mighty fine with a smooth, warming caress of caramel maltiness brightened by aromas and flavors of piney, citric American hops. It will escort your craft beer lovin’ heart right into the best season of the year (that’s right- we chose favorites).

Start your quest for Drake’s Exxpedition by haulin’ yourself down to Drake’s Barrel House soon, or look for it on tap at your favorite local. Bay Area people, there will be some bottles found out on beer shelves in the Bay too. However you swing it, we suggest you get your hands on some Exxpedition soon.


Drake’s EXP IPA X-2

Alright, Los Angeles, we are continuing our hop focused one off series with a new batch heading your way come mid-October. Our first batch flew out the door up here in the San Francisco Bay Area with its lighter body, pale color, and amped up hop profile. We have tweaked the set of EXP hops for batch number two, and sending it down to SoCal, as well as Drake’s Barrel House, for your tasting pleasure and review. Look for it on tap this month

Drake's Jolly Rodger 2013 Imperial American Black Ale

Drake’s Jolly Rodger 2013 Imperial American Black Ale

While Jolly Rodger’s been around a long time, it’s also new pretty much every year. It originated as an English-style barleywine, then was later a brown ale, an Imperial Red, and last year made it (almost) full-circle as an American Barleywine. Many years (and many people with some form of the name “Roger”) later, we’re going real dark with what will be an 11.5% Imperial American Black Ale (slash Black IPA slash Cascadian Dark Ale).

Also of note, even a pirate’s bound to make a friend or two in 23 years, so this year, Jolly Rodger will be accompanied by some one-off partners J. Rodgerator Doppelbock and Abominably Jolly Imperial White IPA.

The J. Rodgerator will be a bold, malt driven doppelbock- a style originating from the Paulaner monks of Munich seeking a beer big enough to stand in as “liquid bread” during their Lenten fast, and now serving you in CA as a warming, strong, malt accented lager to get you through the holidays. We thank you to note our own take on the traditional “-ator” suffix in the name. Eat your heart out, Salvator.

Abominably Jolly will be the snowman to Jolly Rodger’s Dread Pirate- an Imperial White IPA. This Jolly juxtaposition will utilize an intense amount of wheat in the grist for a cloudy appearance, slight graininess, and light citric character that will pair well with the intense dosing of tropical New Zealand and American hops in the kettle and dry hop.

(Side note: it amuses us when you folks try to say “Denogginizer” after having drank a couple of them, and we thought these names would be just as fun.)

All three come out on Saturday, November 2nd at the Drake’s Barrel House. Jolly Rodger will be on tap, on cask, and in bottles, and his shipmates will be on draft and on cask (Abominably Jolly). Info on bottle limits, growler fills, keg availability, etc will be available on the blog as the date arises.

Drake's Reunion Barley Wine

Drake’s Reunion Barleywine

Speaking of GABF, we’ll be making an appearance at the Denver Rare Beer Tasting, with a small preview of arguably our rarest release yet, our Reunion Barleywine.

Two years ago, we managed to get the old band back together for a brew session with six former Drake’s brewers, who came back to make a collaboration barleywine. We took that one-of-a-kind barleywine, lovingly transferred it into some equally rare Samuel Adams Utopias® barrels, and let it do its thing. After keeping close tabs on it for two years, it is just about ready for release.

Now don’t worry, Californians… we wouldn’t leave our oldest supporters and neighbors in the cold with a brew like this. While there will be a small amount previewed in Denver, the rest we’ll be releasing in bottles on December 7th at Drake’s Barrel House. Stay tuned for more information in the next couple of months to get your chance to grab the first bottle of Drake’s barrel-aged beer ever to leave the brewery.

Drake’s Barrel House news

Barrel-aged beers on tap now-
2 Candle Chardonnay Aged Sour
One Hit Warrant Wine Barrel-Aged Honey Wheat with Cherries blended with Sour Wheatwine
Bourbon Barrel Aged Drakonic
and coming soon…
Fathermaker Brandy Barrel-Aged blend of Amber and Denogginizer

Specials & seasonals on tap now-
Aroma Coma IPA, Harvest (fresh-hopped) Aroma Coma, Hella Fresh Pale Ale (fresh-hopped 1500), HausFest Festbier, Exxpedition Imperial Red, and Son of Headzo Imperial Small Beer

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