Highland Brewing Co. unveils new packaging for 2014, its 20th anniversary year

Highland 20th Anniversary logo(Asheville, NC) – Highland Brewing Co. unveiled new packaging for its 20th anniversary year. More below via email newsletter…

You will see a packaging revolution beginning in January. We went BOLD for style identity and visual impact at retail. We enhanced AUTHENTICITY with the Highland story on every piece. And we added Celtic art – a different symbol for each beer – to a modernized tartan background. Bottle labels, six-packs, and 12-packs all match. Cool black crowns will mark our 20th anniversary.

Devil’s Britches/New Packaging Party – 4-8pm Jan 10, 2014 – Devil’s Britches, our popular red IPA is coming back! Celebrate Beer and Mountains at the release party and be the first to view ALL of our packaging revolution at the viewing party!

highland 2014 packaging revolution 2


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