Miller Lite ‘Original Lite Can’ returns Jan. 1, product placement featured in Anchorman 2


(Chicago, IL) – Miller Lite, the beer that launched the light beer category, invites consumers to reach for a piece of brewing history. On January 1, 2014, Miller Lite will release the limited-edition Original Lite Can, an updated version of the iconic packaging that changed the beer industry almost 40 years ago.

The Original Lite Can features the familiar images of hops, barley and the words “a fine pilsner beer,” which reinforce the high quality ingredients and the unique brewing process that consumers have enjoyed for generations.

“There was a time when all that existed was heavy beer that weighed you down,” said Elina Vives, marketing director for Miller Lite. “The launch of Miller Lite broke this category convention and offered beer drinkers the best of both worlds, great taste at only 96 calories and 3.2 carbs. Miller Lite is the original light beer and this limited-edition can celebrates that innovation and helps inform consumers of the rich history behind our beer.”

In addition to becoming available to consumers in January, the Original Lite Can will appear in the upcoming Paramount Pictures’ release, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. The news team can be seen enjoying the Original Lite in the film, which will be released nationwide December 18.

The limited-edition Original Lite Can will be available nationwide January through March in 12-, 16- and 24-ounce sizes.

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11 thoughts on “Miller Lite ‘Original Lite Can’ returns Jan. 1, product placement featured in Anchorman 2

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  2. Best thing ever! Can takes me way back, don’t usually drink miller light but this can makes all the difference. Every one I drink takes me straight back to the first beer I shared with my father. Don’t ever change it an I will keep drinking it. Simple to the point, yet has it all the red, white, an blue, a touch of class with the gold highlights off set by a white that is as traditional as time it self. Good call!

  3. Wish they would keep the original can forever. Great memories! Now, if they could just do the pull tab, too. I hope there is a movement to push miller to keep this old can.

  4. Didn’t ‘realize when I bought the half case that the cans changed but when I opened the box I was surprised to see the old can. Takes me back. Leave the cans alone there great.

  5. Forty years and they still can’t spell “light.” They could put it in a golden chalice and it’s still disgusting bellywash.

  6. Bring back the blue cans, everyone I talk to hates these white ones, it reminds us of our grandparents beer, we are not that old!

  7. Brian.
    Big fan of miller lite. We want the blue cans back. Our grandparents and dads had there time. This is our time get that white can out of here.

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