Vanberg and DeWulf Christmas sales up over 20%, Cuvee Dry Hopping to return

Saison Dupont Cuvee Dry Hopping labelThe latest from Vanberg and DeWulf [BP supporter], as excerpted from last week’s email newsletter…

Record Year for Holiday Beers!
All Bottle Conditioned Suitable for Cellaring & Celebrating Throughout the Winter

This was a spectacular year for our Christmas beer collection: Scaldis Noel, Scaldis Noel Premium, Scaldis Prestige, Scaldis Prestige de Nuits, Vicaris Winter, Avec les Bons Vouex from Saison Dupont. We grew our Christmas sales by more than 20% over last year.

The debut US Cuvee Dry Hopping 2013 edition (98 on RateBeer) was eagerly anticipated and warmly received. The 2014 dry-hopped whole flower hops edition of Saison Dupont arrives in April/May 2014. Formats: 750 ml bottles and 20 liter slim line keykegs.

Every year Dupont’s Master Brewer, Olivier Dedeycker, makes a special dry-hopped version of the brewery’s world famous Saison Dupont. This lets him take advantage of different hop varieties each season. For 2014, he chose the famous English hop, CHALLENGER, renowned for its balance of bittering and aromatic qualities. Importantly, they were cultivated in Belgium by the farm that supplies Olivier’s Golding hops. Using only hop flowers (no pellets, please), he added them to the late boil and dry hopped in cold maturation. The result is “a super refreshing Saison with accentuated floral, spice and citrus hop notes. Cheers!” Formats: 750 ml bottles and 20 liter slim line one way key kegs.

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