What happened on Twitter this week? LagunitasT, Samuel Adams and Little J Danner

lagunitas brewing logo(Petaluma, CA) – We haven’t touched on the Twitter feed of Lagunitas Brewing owner, Tony Magee, in quite some time but his timeline provided some entertainment this week.

Last Tuesday, Magee shared that he had learned The Boston Beer Company is specifically targeting his business and other craft IPAs according to the company’s marketing plans for its soon-to-launch Rebel IPA.

Magee’s retort…. “Fuck them. We’re ready.”

Twitter, being both the most viral communication engine of all-time and a hotbed of socioeconomic commentary, was once again the perfect platform on which Magee could sound off and sparked some colorful responses and back-and-forth.

The silver lining in all of this (to be demonstrated further in a pair of posts to come later) is that “Craft” is going through some very public growing pains from an ideology perspective.

Here is the timeline: