Drake’s Brewing update: Hopocalypse IPA series returns, collaborations and growlers

drakes hopocalypse trio

(San Leandro, CA) – The latest from Drake’s Brewing, courtesy of this week’s email newsletter…

The Hopocalypse arrives on February 1, 2014. We brewed it, we’ll sell it, but beyond that, it’s up to you to follow us to safety, taking shelter from the hop assault that our double IPA Hopocalypse, our triple IPA Hopocalypse Black Label, and our post-Black Label small beer Post-Hopocalypse will visit upon the East Bay that fateful day.

Full details will be coming out sooner than later (keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and blog), but we can tell you that we’ll be open at 10am, we’ll be selling bombers (1 case per person of Hopocalypse, 2 bombers per person Hopocalypse Black Label) & growler fills (2 per person of Hopocalypse DIPA), and we’ll have a small supply of Hopocalypse DIPA Brew-Rhino kegs available (1 per person).

On tap, we’ll have Hopocalypse, Hopocalypse Black Label, and Post-Hopocalypse as well as specialty firkins of Hopocalypse with Grapefruit and Oaked Black Label, as well as a bunch of other great Drake’s beer (don’t worry malt-heads, we’ll take care of you, too).

We’re no doubt proud of the beer we make here, and of our talented brewhouse staff, but they’d be the first to tell you it’s always good to mix things up and hang out with other brewers in the industry. That’s why collaboration brews are so popular in the craft beer industry, and we’re jumping on board with a few friendly brews to shake up this SFBW.

First off, those of you in & around Long Beach area may remember our Mind Melder IPA, that our Brewmaster John Gillooly made in Long Beach with Beachwood BBQ & Brewing brewmaster Julian Shrago for LA Beer Week. Welp, now it’s time to take that show from Queensway Bay to San Francisco Bay, as we’ll be hosting Julian here at Drake’s for a special SF Beer Week collaboration. After the Mind Melder, we’re doing a 180 from a west coast IPA to an Imperial Porter with Ancho Chiles and Cacao nibs. This collab will be available Valentine’s night at the Trappist in Oakland, with both Julian and John G in attendance.

Our next collaboration involves a face very familiar to us… Collin McDonnell recently left his “day job” here at Drake’s to devote himself full-time to the burgeoning HenHouse Brewing Co in Petaluma, which he co-founded. No hard feelings, apparently, as before he even left, he invited our brewing staff up to Petaluma to brew a batch of Belgian Dark Strong at his joint. That’s been sitting in bourbon barrels since we brewed it in mid-November. This month, Collin and the rest of the HenHouse crew will be coming down to Drake’s to brew a fresh batch to blend in with the bourbon-barrel aged batch for SFBW. You’ll get to try this brew on Feb 11th at a dual Beer Dinner at Hog’s Apothecary in Oakland & on Feb 13 at Sprenger’s Taproom in Santa Rosa.

Our third collaboration again comes with some very familiar faces. The Lunch Special trio will be a three-way summit of lupulin and those who love it, featuring three west coast double IPAs:

Faction Brewing’s Rodger Davis (former Drake’s and Triple Rock head brewer) will make Hop Soup, a beer created by Rodger when he brewed at Triple Rock.

Triple Rock’s Jeff Kimpe will be making Hop Salad.

Drake’s brewers will then finish the combo with Hop Sandwich on Rye- a double rye IPA.

All three of these brews will be brought together on Feb 11 at a soon-to-be announced location in Oakland, likely around lunchtime.

Amid all the hype of Beer Week, the Drake’s Barrel House continues to dutifully plug away six days a week, slangin’ the absolute best & freshest Drake’s has to offer.

Speaking of which, we’re now making it much easier for you to enjoy it at home. Drake’s now has ABC approval to fill outside growlers. The full details are on our blog, but the long & short of it is: make sure it’s clean, make sure it’s actually a beer growler, and make sure it’s either 64 oz or 2 liters (and if it’s a screw-top, make sure to bring the cap, too).

Meanwhile, our specialty cellarman Travis Camacho & his crew have been busy as well… now on tap is our newest sour offering, La Brettacabra. It’s 50% Amber, aged with our house brett B & lacto in a chardonnay barrel, and 50% honey wheat aged in syrah barrels with a blended sour yeast culture from some friends in Santa Rosa. It features a large, floral brett nose with hints of lemon & stone fruit. On the tongue, it displays a pronounced tartness that gives way to apple & stone fruit, finishing with a slight caramel maltiness that marries well with the residual tannins from the barrels.

Upcoming Firkin Fridays:
Jan 3- double-hopped IPA
Jan 10- bourbon oaked Black Robusto
Jan 17- Drakonic with cocoa & espresso

Barrel-aged beers on tap now-
Father Maker- blend of Amber with Denogginizer aged in brandy barrels
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Jolly Rodger 2012- barleywine in Heaven Hills barrels
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Drakonic- imperial stout in Heaven Hills barrels
La Brettacabra- amber & honey wheat, aged & soured in wine barrels

Specials & seasonals on tap now-
Jupiter OTC Pils
Hausfest Festbier
Mid-Life Crisis
Jolly Rodger
Abominably Jolly
J. Rodgerator
Jupiter Nebula

Coming Soon:
EXP IPAs X1, X2, and X3 (this Tuesday)

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