Alpine Beer Company goes gluten-less with all of its beers

alpine beer co logo(Alpine, CA) – Alpine Beer Company made an interesting announcement on Wednesday. More below via email newsletter…

We started using an enzyme in all of our beers before the end of last year and are now prepared to announce a significant breakthrough for gluten intolerant people. Because we love you and want you all to be happy, our beers are now SIGNIFICANTLY gluten reduced. Legally, we can never claim our beers to be gluten free because any product, according to the FDA, that once contained gluten can never be claimed as gluten free. However, the FDA threshold for gluten free is 20 ppm; our beers should fall in around the 10 ppm range. Celiac sufferers need not abstain any longer. Relax and have a beer.

The first release to tell you about appears to be timed well with the impending weather event. “Odin’s Raven,” the anchorman inspired Chocolate Beer Award winning Imperial Stout at 11% abv. It is available now, as I type, on draft and for growler fills, no bottles.

The next beer to send you into a frenzy will be released Friday, February 28th. “Keene Idea” will be available for growler fills and on draft, no bottles. Bring your rain gear and maybe even a chair for the line you may be in.

Keep A Breast Foundation, supporting a couple of subjects near and dear to all of us, is the recipient of the efforts of the “Brewbies Festival” on March 1. Please check out the poster below and support if you can. I’ll be there with a pink beer called “Dual Nips.”

On March 6, Thursday, A bit late but worth the wait, “Exponential Hoppiness” will be available on draft in the pub and a very limited amount of bottles, no growlers. This is a single batch so it is a very limited quantity.

“Hoppy Birthday” is the next beer of popularity coming is a couple of weeks.


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4 thoughts on “Alpine Beer Company goes gluten-less with all of its beers

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  2. Looks Like the first brewery to use Gluten Ninja from Wyeast or was it White Labs?i have a vial or 2 and will have to look at using this in a brew and see how well it works

  3. This is awesome news! Just tried your place for the first time recently and loved it but I was a bit concerned about the gluten. With this news you’ll definitely see more of me.

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